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Blogs of Locksmith Stories! #1

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

It''s 2AM.

Get a frantic phone call asking how fast we can get to downtown #SaltLakeCity ?.

I tell him less than 10 mins.

He says OK, HURRY, you will see my vehicle in the turning lane in the middle of the road.

Sure enough when we arrived the truck is in the turning lane and lifted, to say the least. You needed a step ladder to just get into this truck. On top of that the vehicle was slowly moving in reverse.

The Customer put the truck into gear and remembered he forgot something in his apartment. He just thought what the hell put on the parking brake and hopped out. On his way out he hit the trucks automatic lock switch.

Grabbed my tool too specifically open this type of vehicle. Hop into the bed of the truck. Crawl on top of the cab of the truck. Insert my wedges into the window. Start to unlock vehicle. After a fun minute of working to find the locking mechanism for in the door. I managed to unlock the truck for a grateful customer.

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