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Experience is worth its weight in gold

We got a call this evening. Simple keys locked in the car scenario - but for one of our contracts so there was billing instructions available - client was responsible. Arrived within 15 minutes (we pride ourselves on speedy service!) and found the client. Unfortunately, the instructions from the contract company were incorrect - we quickly worked with the customer to confirm coverage. During the call for clarification another service provider arrived on the scene - our contract had double booked!! We confirmed services were covered however and set to work. The other lockout person was very polite and did not try to steal the call.

Simple under the glass tool lockout - this is a tool we have been using for 20+ years! The other service provider came running over "Wait! I wanna watch!" he then proceeded to ask what this metal thing was!! This gentleman was from a fly by night lockout service. He worked for a 800# service that just pulls you out of the hat. Customers BEWARE

! These are not skilled practitioners - they don't know the tools of the trade and pry out EVERYTHING! There are only a few vehicles that require your door to be pried or wedged open. Remember that! 5 tools - that is all we have used for decades and there has YET to be a vehicle we can not open without damage or a bent door frame.

Be mindful of the people you are calling for service. Although you do get what you pay for - there are incredibly talented and trained locksmiths out there. If the price seems to good to be true MAKE SURE IT INCLUDES THE SERVICE CALL!! If the price fluctuates depending on who you speak to at the same company - RUN! Locksmiths with integrity and skill have SET prices. They tell you what it is going to cost UP FRONT and this is the total amount. Not the "$25 lockout" only to tack on a $45 dollar service call once the vehicle is open. We encourage people to start out on their own - we will and HAVE supported several that did it correctly and actually learned the skills. If you want to be a locksmith - learn it correctly and you will be supported and be a support for the industry in this city. If you simply want to make a quick buck - find something else to do!

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1 Comment

Chris Gaffaney
Chris Gaffaney
Feb 15

Highly satisfied with the lockout assistance provided by Local Locksmith Charlotte. From the moment I called, their customer service was exceptional, and their technician arrived promptly to unlock my door. Truly grateful for their reliable and affordable service.

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