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Winter Olympic Security

2002 Utah Winter Olympics raised some very interesting delays and security check points for local service providers. Thankfully the visitors were very understanding.

The Olympic flame was at U of U's football stadium. Late one evening after the last events had ended, the call came in. One of the event staff had their keys locked in their vehicle and the location was closing fast. We hurried over to the entrance checkpoint and security told us where to go.....sort of. The staff had parked in a section that was not accessible without driving over the large sidewalks, making instructions like "follow the road around the main entrance and there is a side road (translation = sidewalk) that goes up around the back side to the temporary lot." useless to say the least.

To say this place was deserted was an understatement. We had to drive around in areas I am sure we were not supposed to be before we were able to locate another individual to help with additional guidance. Barricades were EVERYWHERE!! 25 minutes just to find the poor individual - and 15 seconds to open the vehicle and get them on their way.

We followed them out and sure enough, we were supposed to be driving on the sidewalks!!

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