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Save Some Money

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Future Customers.

This might or will save you some money.

Having trouble turning your ignition or door lock? Notice your vehicles locks are not turning smoothly?

Have a new key made. NOT a duplicate, trace a key style from a kiosk or hardware store. But a new key cut back to when you first bought your vehicle. It's called a factory cut key or cutting you key back to code.

Lube your locks and then try the new key. Its works? just saved you a new ignition replacement or door lock.

There are some cases to where this will not work. Due to metal fatigue or constant rubbing of metal on metal for years. This is where you can have your locks re-done. Have the inner tumblers replace by a locksmith. This can save you a lot of money. Have this taken care of when the lock still turns.

Any further questions can be answered by us, if you wish.


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