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Simply no explanation

As a locksmith in Salt Lake, it is no surprise that during the ski season you will be at the ski resorts at least once a week. I always say, if someone went over the slopes with a metal detector in the summer they would find A LOT of keys! One day I got a 2 for one though! Brighton Ski resort - two vehicles with keys either locked in the car or lost on the slopes. I took a second locksmith with me because it was after 10 PM and below zero! When we arrived on site, sure enough, after finding the customers and unlocking the trucks - both vehicles needed keys made. One vehicle was an old Ford Bronco 5 cut. This is one that you impression and not just a simple sight read or code that you can call in. The other was a F350 with the transponder key that you can sight read and then requires a timed programming process.

Unfortunately, both vehicles were parked at separate ends of the dark empty parking lot.

I took the Bronco - which required multiple trips back and forth to the locksmith van during the impression process, I wanted exact cuts and not just a file job. Better quality key for the customer long term and easier for duplicates. I had to make both the door and ignition keys (different key blanks but same process to originate). As I was walking back and forth across the dark empty lot, I started to notice that I had a shadow following my movements just at the edge of the parking area. Thinking I was being paranoid, I asked the other locksmith to watch. He saw what the shadow was a Coyote!! It was tracking me back and forth between the vehicles. I am a small woman....guess I looked like lunch!!! I am an animal lover - I will chase down a moose in the canyons without thinking twice! This was such a cool experience to me!!!

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