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Compromised Position?

Received a call for road side assistance. A gentleman locked out on the side of the freeway needing immediate attention. When I arrived, the truck was on the side of the busy freeway with no one in sight. Concerned, I called out "Hello? Anyone there?". A head popped up from the side of the truck. "Can you unlock the truck on the freeway side and hit the automatic locks and back away please?" But of course! I quickly opened the truck on the next break in traffic.

This gentleman was on his way to a wedding. It had been a long drive and he needed to change before arriving. Thinking to save time, he had pulled to the side of the freeway and quickly started to change. His phone was on the truck bed, his cloths just inside the door. Unfortunately, and as often happens on the freeway, a gust of wind hit the truck and quickly closed the door with his cloths locked inside! Luckily the weather was nice, the day warm and his phone readily available.

All in all, he was able to change and be back on his way in time to barely make the wedding. Always so glad to help!!

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Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson
Feb 15

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